Thursday, May 14, 2009

Name that bird?

Despite the rain and wind - and all around cold that we experienced yesterday, there were some 'new' birds in our backyard.  Now, I'm not a bird person....I can give you the basic breeds, but beyond that, I'm lost.  Anyone recognize this one?

Sometimes I feel a little guilty even putting up bird feeders.  The number of birds that meet their end in our backyard is more than I'd like.  It seems our sunroom windows seem to draw these birds in, as they attempt to fly through them.  You hear the thud, the window rattles and you just know, another one has bit it.

And I refuse to touch them.  That's Don's job.  Love that man.

Ha!  Just heard a thud!  Seriously!

Two days ago, after one had just bounced off the window, onto the patio, a curious Brady had to check it out.  He was prodding it with his foot, asking his dad why the bird's mouth was opening and closing but the rest of him wasn't moving.....a teachable 'life lesson' moment!

So between the windows, the 3 1/2 year old who loves chasing them with sticks, and the cat that prowls in our backyard, scoping out the unsuspecting ones, these delightful song birds don't stand a chance! 


Bonnie said...

I think its a teenaged goldfinch that has dyed its feathers in rebellion!
Honestly, never seen that one before - its pretty! Our goldfinches did come back this week - so exciting to think that spring might be a reality, although I needed my mittens on the way to school this morning. Brrr. If you find some motionless birds it may just be hypothermia - bring them in and warm them in your oven like mom did for the little chick we had when we were kids.

kristin said...

It's a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. We have just bought a Manitoba bird book because of all the new birds we have in the yard this year due to the new bird feeders. It has been fun watching the birds with the boys and then finding them in the book.