Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's that time again!

Tomorrow we'll be heading back to Winnipeg.  Nate has his appointment with Dr. Soni (his pediatric cardiologist).  We're praying for great news!  

I'm not feeling extremely anxious at this point, which is good for now!!  I hope we all can have a good sleep tonight.  At Nate's last appointment (he was 9 months old) getting the tests done was more difficult than previously.  Being more aware of his surroundings and the new people around made him more fussy.  And that meant it was more difficult to get some of the tests done, as he needs to be calm and still for them.  

So, you can pray that he is as cooperative as can be expected, and that he gets a nice nap on the drive in so he will be 'good to go' when we get downtown!

I'll let you know the results when we're back!

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