Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mommy's Brag Book

Last week, the boys and I spent a morning with Kristel - from Kristel Bueckert Photography.  I have to admit...I had been very jealous of some of my friends who had taken their children's or family photos with Kristel.  She captures beautiful expressions in very natural poses with great lighting!   She just lets the kids be kids and gets amazing shots that way.  

Unfortunately, Nate had one of his crazy nights, the night before our appointment, so he didn't last as long as he should have.  But, not to worry - Kristel got some beautiful (and fun) moments from the both of them.

Here's a little sampling of our morning with Kristel.  I would HIGHLY recommend her!  These precious pics are worth every penny!

Be sure to check out her blog (where she features a few pics from each session) and her website, where you can see her gallery of photos and all the studio info!

Thanks Kristel, for a great morning - and for being so relaxed with the boys....even when Nate started getting a little fussy (ie. crying!).  Even those pics turned out great!


Marlena said...

Kristel definitely did a fantastic job!! Not hard when the models are as cute as your boys!!! (tears and all)

Stacey said...

I saw your photos on her website the other day. She does a great job!