Monday, February 16, 2009

I *heart* my Girlfriends!

I had a super fun Valentine's Day!  I got to spend it with some of my girlfriends.  Some of us go waaaay back - we're talking diaper stage!  But most of us really started to connect in Jr. High.  Going to the same Church, youth group and school gave us a plethora of adventures!  Anyway, through all of the different directions life has taken each one of us, we still continue to get together on a regular basis!

This year a bunch of us got together at my house for a "Chocolate" night!  We made chocolates and ate chocolates....and topped it off with chocolate cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries.  A ton of fun!

Thanks to Don for giving me a fabulous Valentine's Day with my girls, while he took care of our boys!

He also surprised me with a pretty nifty gift.  I wasn't expecting anything (well...OK, maybe something, but truly I would have been happy with anything....fuzzy oven mitts!)
So imagine my surprise when he comes home and surprises me with a pair of these!

I'm not sure who was more thrilled.  Me - because it was a total surprise and I loved them.  Or Don - because I loved them!

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Anonymous said...

very nice! You are lucky to have long time friends close enough to get together with! On that note, getting together with new friends is a lot of fun too!!!! The picture of the boys are will be hard to decide. Or I guess you could just get one of each!