Thursday, February 5, 2009

Laughing Day

I had such a fun day today!  Brady had a playdate at Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt's!  He had so much fun - playing outside, going to the post office and Co-op with Grandma, playing in the toy room and talking to Grandpa on the intercom.  Nate and I joined them later in the afternoon.

I am so thankful for such wonderful parents.  I count it a blessing to have such a close relationship with them.  Today we shared some laughs....I'm talking side splitting laughs....there were some major GUFFAWS going on....So much fun.  

I promised Mom that these little incidents and conversations wouldn't make it into the 'Blogosphere'.  Wish I could though, I'm still laughing out loud when I think about them!

Here are some cartoons I thought I'd share.  No relation to the aforementioned  incidents....(well maybe).

Thank you Mom and Dad for your love, prayers, care and fun times.  Thank you for parenting me and loving me.  And thank you for the love you show Brady and Nate....the time, attention and special ways you bless them.

We love you!

(and I'm still laughing!!)


Anonymous said...

This is too funny... laughter is the best medicine :)

charlotte said...

the phots's are really funny....but you have my curiosty must post as to what is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Have suspenders - will travel