Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holding Pattern                                   

If you're from the Southern Manitoba area, you'll know the craziness that has been our weather the last few days.  Schools cancelled for 2 days, cars-trucks-semis all in the ditch, parked vehicles sliding down driveways, kids skating and playing hockey on the road.

By Tuesday afternoon, I was getting a little stressed.  We had to make it to Nate's appointment on Wednesday, but with the forecast of snow and colder temps overnight, we didn't know what to expect Wednesday morning.

So, at 3:30 on Tuesday, I called Don at work.  We decided we'd better just go now....while things were wet on the highway and before it froze up again.

I went into overdrive and started throwing things together for the 4 of us.  (All I forgot was my flat iron!)  Made a quick phone call to my sister in Wpg, to invite ourselves over for night, but she wasn't home so I just left a message on her machine.

Don came home from work and by 4:05 we were on the road.  It was craziness, and the mess that I left my house in made me very conscious of the fact that I better make it back home alive.  I did not want ANYONE to have to see the state of my kitchen!  

Thankfully, the roads were reasonable, and we made it to Wpg before dark.  My brother-in-law kindly welcomed us into his home - he had just gotten home from work, Bonnie was still away, and was unaware of the message I had left for her!  How gracious they were to welcome us back to the Hildebrand Hilton.  (Their rates really should go up!)

Anyway - back to the purpose of the trip.  Nate's appointment as a 9 month old was a lot more challenging than his last appt. 3 months ago.  Nate was very aware of his surroundings, the new people, and the strange things they were doing to him!  All of the techs were very kind and patient.

In a nutshell....we're in a holding pattern right now!  Nate is showing some beginning signs of heart failure, but nothing severe enough to be labelled 'in heart failure', and thus warranting surgery.  His medication dosage was increased to double his current dose (partly in response to him growing and being bigger now).

Dr. Soni mentioned the 3 different routes that surgery could follow:

1) Valve replacement - replacing the malformed and very leaky tricuspid valve
2) Pulmonary banding -  placing a band on the artery to reduce excessive blood flow and protect against hypertrophy (think muscle being overworked and getting big and bulky)
3) Double switch - high risk and very complex surgery to reroute the workings of his heart; so the left side would now pump to the lungs and the right side would pump to the body, also replacing the valve.

THANK YOU for your encouragement and prayers!

We are so thankful for:
  • Safe travel 
  • The Hildebrands!  For letting us crash at your place - and the yummy soup you sent home with us for supper today!
  • Prayer support from family and friends
  • Excellent care from our Doctors and techs
  • A God who is bigger than all of this!


EH said...

That is something else isn't it?

EH said...

Thanks for the compliment on my pictures. Yes, we went to school together. I adore your sister M. She was in my group/group leader in MOMs for 3 years.

Wendi Hundley said...


My son Luke was born with d-TGA and VSD 4/25/07. He had the arterial switch at five days old. I found your blog on Google and thought I'd introduce myself. If you ever need a heart mom to talk to I'm at your disposal.

Warmest Regards,