Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Afternoons at the PLAYGROUND  

Movie Nights in the gazebo with Don

Boating in the backyard

Pool time

SWINGING with our favorite people

Baseball Games

Beach Days

Going to the Race Track

Walks Outside

Lazy summer days

Creating sand cities

Movies at dusk and High Tech Camping

Camping meals

Fishing trips

Watermelon AND Rollkuchen


and out!

Just a few of my favorite things.  I'm starting to get antsy!!!  Can. Not. Wait. for summer!!!!

When I was looking at some of my summer pictures, I came across this one, and it made me smile.  My unsuspecting Mom and Dad are about to emerge (and submerge) backwards and upside down at mach speed!


Anonymous said...

You just made us laugh...life does not get any better than that... almost drowned!! mom/dad

Carole Hiebert said...

Yes you did, Mom and Dad....and I have the pictures to prove it, but I didn't think Mom would like to see those posted here!! The words 'drowned rat' come to mind! Now you've got me laughing!

Stacey said...

Why do we live in this cold country anyway? Oh what I wouldn't give for a little more summer!