Friday, January 23, 2009

'Date' Day

Today I had TWO dates!  One with each of my little guys!

Nate and I spent the morning hanging out together at the hospital for his RSV injections.  After the 9:00 weigh in and chat with the RSV coordinating nurse, we had a nice visit with 2 of the other moms there with their babes.  Had a check with the Dr. and then at about 10:30, Nate and I took to the halls.  I was hoping he'd have a little nap in the hour or so that we had to wait while the drugs were prepared.  And he did.  I found myself at the cafeteria, in a nice sunny spot, with a Free Press open on the table.  (I can't remember the last time I've taken the time to sit down and read the paper!)

An hour later, (after a nice nap) the injections were done, and the tears were wiped away.  He did great...again!  We always have to wait around after the babies get these needles, just to check for reaction, so by the time we were leaving the hospital, it was almost 12.

After getting Nate buckled in the carseat and the van warming up (boy was it cold today!) I realized the sliding door wasn't latching.  ACK!  For 5 minutes I was wiggling and jiggling and trying with all my might to get the door to close.  I guess that car wash that Brady enjoyed yesterday was now going to cause problems.  So I called my knight in a shiny black jeep, who came to the parking lot and after 10 minutes of his efforts, got it to close!

My second date was with Brady this evening.  I made the mistake of talking about Fabricland, and how that store didn't have cookies for kids, but they did have some toys to play with.  Well, that was all it took to get him pumped about joining me in some shopping this evening.  Don was very happy stay home with Nate!  It was so fun for just me and Brady to hang out together, since that doesn't happen too often.  And just so you don't think I'm filling his mind with all things girly or domestic, we did also go to Rona.  He was a big helper, carrying the 2X4 around the store with me!

So...Brady may have won in the "fun" date category....not sure Nate would call his a date at all!  But I had a great day with my boys!

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