Sunday, January 11, 2009


We all face Goliaths in our life.  Whether it be a challenge in our circumstances, a health issue, personal struggle, relationships, insecurity, fear....

My reading today, in '10 Minute Time Outs for Moms', by Grace Fox, was about this.  The question we need to ask ourselves is whether we will approach our 'giant' with the confidence we should have, knowing that God is fighting this battle for us.  So often we try fight our battles on our own, and end up intimidated, worried, frightened or defeated.  David fought his battle with faith - he understood God's power and claimed victory because he knew God could not be defeated.

Here's poem that the author, Grace Fox, included.  She wrote this about her 'Goliath' - fear and a wounded relationship.


Goliath might seem big and strong,
But his existence won't be long.
When you call on the living God,
He fights, He wins, and nations stand to applaud.

Admit to God you're terrified;
He'll stand up for you, He's on your side.
The nature of the battle says it's true--
His extraordinary power works for you!

Where does your focus lie?
Are you looking at Goliath or the God whom he defies?
Where does you focus lie?
How will God be glorified if you're looking at Goliath and believing Satan's lie?
Where does your focus lie?

Don't fall for the lies when the odds are overwhelming,
Don't fall for the lies when the stats are looking grim.
Believe the truth, don't fall for the lies,
Courage and victory come from Him!

Here's a prayer that Grace included on today's topic.  They are always prayers that you can put the names of your children in to make it personal.

Heavenly Father, I pray you will answer Nate when he's in distress.  May your name protect him.  I trust You to rescue him with the saving power of  Your right hand.  (Psalm 10: 1,6) Amen.


Anonymous said...

Carol, how beautiful and so appropriate for me to read today. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

We are so blessed to read your writings and the faith you and Don exhibit in your daily walk. We are praying for you and especially for Nate!

Anonymous said...

Have Suspenders - will travel