Saturday, October 30, 2010

Betcha didn't know!

Family history.....
It's fascinating to look back at family trees and the history that we do know about our ancestors. On the Schmidt side, there is documentation of our family back to 1536. Very cool to read little snippets about their life, their faith and their different settlements both in Prussia and Holland.

But, I think one of the very coolest things that we've learned about our heritage, is about my dad's Great Grandpa Solomon (born 1818). We he was 30 years old, he fell in love with Maria (born 1824) an adopted child who was of oriental lineage! They had 11 children. The family sailed all by themselves on The S.S. Circassion and settled in Blumenfeld, south of Winkler.

The amazing thing is that a physical oriental trait has certainly been seen in old photos of the Schmidt family, and some of my generation as well! These traits seems to randomly appear in different extensions of the family, especially in the eyes and the jet black hair of some of them. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of Maria, but I can just imagine her beauty (and why Solomon was smitten!!).

Maria would be my Great Great Grandma, giving me just a sliver (1/16) of oriental descent!

Here is a picture of my dad's father, as a child. I never met him, as he passed away before I was born.

You can't miss it!

And a picture of my dad, as a child.

And here's Brady and Grandpa - I just couldn't resist throwing this one in here.....I know he's doing a goofy face, but if you look for it, there is maybe just a glimpse of the orient in his eyes!!!!

How about you? Tell me something, big or little, that I probably don't know about you!!!

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