Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Scoop

Nate was an A+ patient today! I was so impressed and very proud of him. Lying down on the different tables as required, no fuss, no question. Not even needing the usual BIG story/distraction from me. He was a star!

The echo shows no positive changes. The leakage is still severe. The gradient on the band is still unchanged, not serving any purpose at this point. His ventricle (pumping chamber) is showing signs of being tired, a change from August. His liver is also larger than at his last appointment. These are both red flags, so for now, we are increasing his Lasix dosage slightly to help alleviate some of his symptoms (wet cough and laboured breathing). Dr. Soni is also going to discuss Nate's situation with Dr. Redington (head of cardiology at Sick Kids in Toronto) again. He has previously discussed Nate with Dr. Soni, after our return from Edmonton. She'll be seeing him next week, so she will talk to him about Nate's options, in light of the current changes, and get back to us the following week.

And now it's my turn to get some advice from Nate, him being the star patient and all, to see if he can give me any pointers. The day has come for my wisdom to be removed, by way of my 4 wise teeth on Friday! But, hey, if my little boy can get through heart surgery, I think I shouldn't be complaining too hard about a bit of dental surgery!

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