Friday, October 15, 2010

Outta there!

My date with the great oral surgeon (Dr. Canosa) went well: translate: I have absolutely no recollection of it!!

Perk: got a hefty chunk of Visa points as a result of this procedure.

My face is an Ice Pack Sandwich.

I count down the minutes till my next T3 cocktail.

My breath is foul. I've been told.

I have a handsome male nurse tending to my needs.

He gave me a walkie talkie after I couldn't get his attention by knocking on the wall.

So thankful for my gracious drivers (sisters!!) who drove me to and from the appointment.

Wonderful to now have regained control of all facial muscles.

Hmmmmm....just realized I have nothing to put under my pillow tonight. We're talking FOUR here. That could have been a good haul. Anyone want to text/email my tooth fairy to remind him?

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