Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here we go again!

Just a quick Nate update! We weren't due to see his cardiologist until December, but in the last 2 months we've been noticing some changes, and Dr. Soni wanted him to come in to see her. He's had more 'wetness' to his cough and his breathing has become a more laboured or heavier with exertion. I'm hoping it may be as simple as increasing his meds, but they'll do an echo just to see what's really going on!

You can pray that Nate does just as great as he did (for the first time) at his last appointment. They key to getting awesome diagnostics is a very calm and still child, (ie. not wiggling and crying!). Thanks - and I'll be sure to update when we get home!


Anonymous said...

thinking of you guys..... hoping for the best possible news.


Verna said...

Carol, we got to know them when we were researching Meckel-Gruber Syndrom which is what our first grandson Noah had. Their first baby, Will had it too(you can get to his blog on Charlie's site) and so we started blogging. It is a blessing to find others that know what you are going through even if it is online and you never meet in person.That is the only way that Jolene & Hank found people who were or had gone through MGS.You can get to Jo's blog through mine, she is not a big blogger but her reason for having it is so that anyone faced with MGS can contact her.