Friday, November 5, 2010


My heart has been full this week. A lot of things going on - and a lot of wrestling in my heart and mind!

Do you remember, way back on Nate's second scheduled surgery? His was cancelled so baby P (who later became his room mate) could get his Berlin (artificial) heart. I got to know P's mom, too, but were never able to say good bye or exchange information before we left, since he was moved back into the intermediate care unit.

I've thought of them so much, wondering if had received his new heart yet. How his big brothers were doing, being away from their mom and brother for such long periods of time, since the family lived hours away from Edmonton. And wondering about how P's mom in and day out, life in the hospital, away from family and friends.

Well, the other day I was looking for other heart information online, and I came across an article from the Globe and Mail from May '10. It was about 2 babies with Berlin hearts at the Stollery. There was a picture of a family that I recognized from our time there, whose son was still on the Berlin. Then, they wrote about baby P, and that he had just received a new heart and was recovering from the transplant surgery in the cardiac ward. I couldn't help but become emotional, thinking about their family. They got a heart!!! But you can never stop there, because then you think about a family whose baby is no longer with them, but whose heart is providing another family with life.

Praying for heart families everywhere.

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