Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanks for the invite, Nate!

December 2008

Thanks to the adventure that Nate has been taking us on, we were once again invited to the annual Christmas Party, put on by the family support network at the Variety Children's Heart Centre. It was at a new location this year, since the Children's Museum is closed right now. It's called Kids Zone, and it was a pile of fun for all who were there.

One hi-light is the visit with Santa. As you can see, when we went 2 years ago, Nate had no problem with the Jolly Red Man! Last year, we didn't attend, since we were waiting for surgery and pretty much making ourselves scarce. This year was another story - Nate was excited about it and anticipating meeting Santa, but when we got close, he changed his mind! I'll let you watch the sequence of events!

What I love best is Santa's eyes in the last picture!!!

(And yes, it's the same Santa every year!)

We did have a good time and I had a chance to chat with another heart mom that I met when I spoke at the Women's Retreat a few months ago.

And a little update. Nate is now on the board, waiting for the referral to Sick Kids (Dr. Redington). Right now, all of his records are being transferred there, and we await the recommendation from Dr. Redington.

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Anonymous said...

Those are great pics Carole! I love the look in Santa's eyes there too!