Friday, April 16, 2010

Yay for Pnuemonia!!

And I actually mean that with all sincerity! I think there were a few of us tonight that were pretty relieved to hear this wasn't heart related. Yes, it is more complex because of the heart situation, but is not being caused as a result of the heart situation.

We're on our way home from Winnipeg now, with Nate. And even if this ride may be considered 'second class', I'll take my Odyssey anyday, over our mode of transportation going in. Although Nate (lover of all things with lights and sirens) did enjoy seeing it!

I'm so thankful for doctors who aren't too proud to say something is out of their comfort zone, and send you to the people who do know.

Thanks for praying!
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Anonymous said...

I hope Nate is feeling better after your weekend trip to Children's. It's also good to hear that the symptoms were not directly related to the condition of his heart. Still continue to pray and have you guys on my heart a lot as Nate continues to convalesce at home.