Thursday, April 1, 2010

Status Quo!

Today is the first day that I can say we were at a status quo! No big changes and no big surprises! It was NICE!

The morning featured a nice little concert by a Canadian group Quoia, along with appearances by Edmonton's Rush Lacrosse Team. There was a pizza lunch for the pediatric patients at The Beach too, which was fun to be able to include Brady in!

Nate had blood work in the afternoon, and an echo that was called off 3/4 of the way through....Nate just couldn't stay still any longer (but really, what do they expect?!). We said goodbye to my parents and Brady - and hope to say hello to them REALLY soon! I've learned not to count on any promises they make, but going home this weekend might actually be a reality!! Don has been off work for 4 full weeks, and is MORE than ready to get back!!

Praying for good news tomorrow from the blood work and the echo!

At the concert...I'm the mom with salamander stickers all over my sweater...thanks Brady!

Brady got his t-shrit autographed by Brodie.

Pizza Party at The Beach

Impromptu self portrait right before they left!

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Anonymous said...

Carole & Don,
Still checking your blog every day, and things are starting to sound good with little Nate!
Praying for patience for you as you wait for the word to come home. (After all, the doctors won't be at your house helping you).
Praying that Nate's heart would fully respond to the medical procedures, and that God would have His healing hand on him as well. Erna & Albert