Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Last Day There

Just thought I'd share a few of the pics from our last day in Edmonton!

We took a little walk down to the third floor (gasp! don't you you're not supposed to leave the 4th floor...?!). Here is a pic of the ICU where Nate spent the first half of his hospital stay.

Off the monitors and getting ready to go!

After a little purchase (for good behavior *wink*) at a book fair happening in the hospital, we headed for the hotel.

Grabbing a quick supper at Chili's in the airport, luckily we scored a table with a view!

Our little flyer....getting closer to home!

Finally pulling up to our house felt strange! Don went in first and came out to the garage where I was getting things together and said: "It's crazy in there!". Crazy in a good way! What a fun surprise to come home too!

That night, when I finally crawled into my bed, I found myself smiling and not being able to stop! As strange as it felt walking into our house that we'd be away from for 4 weeks, I also felt the comfort of knowing we were finally home. An answer to so many prayers!!

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Anonymous said...

Little Nate looks sooooo good. Didn't your house feel like a mansion compared to the hospital room and hotel rooms. I remember feeling that way when we were able to take our boy home. Am continuing to pray for Nate. He will have a wonderful story to tell someday. He already does but to hear it in his own words will be quite the testimony. God bless