Thursday, April 8, 2010

1st Follow-up Appointment

We went in to see Nate's cardiologist in Winnipeg today. The really good news is the fluid around Nate's heart isn't there anymore!! The not so great news is the band that they placed isn't tight enough to be making a difference. Whereas in surgery, the pressure after the band was placed was at about 60, post surgery and today included, the number is down to about 30.

They did talk to us about that in Edmonton, saying things weren't where they needed to be. The hope was that maybe as he grows and his heart also grows and gets bigger, the band would be applying the correct amount of pressure to affect the leaky valve. The problem is the length of time that it would take for that amount of growth to happen, and that we run the risk of putting him into failure in the mean time.

Dr. Soni is going to conference with a doctor at Toronto's heart centre about Nate's situation. They have a technology there that Edmonton does not have for measuring pressures in the heart. If this doctor feels that he would be able to do the surgery and tighten to the appropriate degree with that technology, then that would be the next plan of action.

She's hoping to get back to us next week! For now, we get to say good bye to two of the drugs Nate was on for the fluid around his heart! That makes us happy! And if Nate could tell us, he'd say he was pretty thrilled about that idea, too!

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Anonymous said...

Tried calling you today....thinking and missing all of you. Did you all take the trip to Wpg.? Hope Nate was okay with them checking him out..although by now he's a pro at that.
We will continue to pray for a healed heart. That this valve stuff can work itself out some way some how.
Although I wish all would be better, I do like the sounds of you having Nates case followed thru here in would have lots of company ...
In any case, so glad you're home with both of your boys. You are blessed. Wish we could come for a play date, but will have to wait till summer...