Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Update

This is certainly an Easter weekend unlike any we've ever had! The walk to the hospital this morning was very quiet, as were the halls in the hospital for the first part of the day.

Today was a good day. No real issues arose today. Nate's picc line came out today...a good sign! It sounds like the dr's want to discharge this weekend...both an relieving and scary thought!

One of the cardiologists that is now on rotation and who was in today, sat down and talked about 'where we are going' with all this. It was a little discouraging, only because we're feeling like things are looking up as we prepare for coming home. He tried explaining the bigger picture. He said he wasn't telling me these things to scare me, but rather to demonstrate how concerned they still are about Nate. He's not convinced the 'double switch' is the best option, and voiced concerns about replacing the leaky valve and the more frequent surgeries that would require. The third option was a new heart. At this point there are no clear answers or timeline for future treatment, aside from close monitoring right now until intervention is required. He did say, however, that 'miracles do happen', so that continues to be my prayer!

Wishing you a weekend filled with family and hearts full of thanksgiving as we remember and celebrate Jesus' love for us!

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Donald & Susan Lepp said...

You do not know us...we found out about your story through friends. Our son is 20 months old and had a heart transplant in Edmonton at Christmas of 2008. We spent 5 months at the Stollery. Reading some of your blogs and how you describe the experience has been like rewinding the clock.

As you know, you have many challenges ahead. Only God knows what the future holds. When we received our diagnosis; we were devastated. Fortunately, there was a family from our church who had gone through a similar experience and they offered us three pieces of advice.

1.You are not in control...despite our best efforts to understand and cope; you have to "let it go" and trust that God has a plan.

2. Never underestimate the strength of your son; children are amazingly resilient and children constantly prove the experts wrong.

3. Most importantly, no two situations are alike...what happenned to our family will not happen to yours...everyone's experience is different ... you will chart your own path.

When you get back to Winnipeg...we are available anytime to talk. We also know several other families who can provide helpful advice. It sounds like we may see each other at Variety at some point.

We sincerely hope you have many long hours of boredom and monotany...I am sure you understand what I mean.

Donald, Susan, Nicole and Russell Lepp, Winnipeg, MB

PS Say Hi to everyone on 4C for us...just mention Russell Lepp said "hello."

Anonymous said...

Tearing up as I read about your mixed emotions.... praying for you guys and the news of 'where we are going'......
marilyn (and ian)