Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bendy Snow, Fudge Puddles and the Promise of Spring

Strange, isn't it?  We noticed this outside on the frame of our screen room.

The next morning it was still there.  Things that make you go "huh"!

Brady was my official 'sprinkler'.  For the best recipe of Fudge Puddles, click here.

Just when we think spring might be around the corner, we get another dump of the white stuff.  These beautiful tulips from my mom keeps the hope of spring alive in me!

And just for some giggles, here's my little goof ball!


kristin said...

Thanks for the fudge puddle link Carole, unfortunately I have absolutely no chance of losing the baby fat after browsing that blog! So many good looking recipes! Hope you're enjoying your snowy day! I'll be making fudge puddles soon.

EH said...

Beautiful picture of the tulips... what kind of camera do you use?

Carole Hiebert said...

Kristin - I hear ya! Ever since the English Toffee goodness in January, I've actually been gaining weight! ACK! Why is it harder this time around?!? The plan was to get running and do some races this summer.....need the snow to GO AWAY!

EH - Aww thanks! In the world of technology my camera is pretty old - almost 4 years old. It's a Canon S2. I've been drooling over DSLR's...but diaper money comes first!!!

Lorie said...

That snow is so crazy! And the fudge puddles are making me hungry!

kristin said...

It's definitely harder the second time around. But this weather is not helping at all!! I've been waiting to get out their with the stroller, but it just keeps snowing. Plus I"m not exactly sure how to do it with 3 kids and a double stroller. I guess Noah will have to bike.