Friday, April 17, 2009


1. I have a dinosaur egg hatching on my kitchen counter.

2. Two days ago, Brady took my iPod downstairs to play on.  He can't remember where he left it.  We can't find it anywhere.

3. I cranked out some serious harmony to 'Blaze of Glory' while driving (alone) in the jeep today.  Don was the last person to drive and had the Bon Jovi CD playing.

4. I was halfway through replacing an outside door knob/lock set today when I realized I bought the wrong size.  I also bought the wrong type of light bulbs during that same shopping trip.

5. It's time for a pedicure.

6. I am extremely disappointed in my lack of effort to get out running.

7. I live in the best neighborhood in Winkler, with the best neighbors!

8. The Philadelphia Flyers just lost their second game in the first round of the playoffs.  

9. Husband may not be very happy.

10. Just bought a piece of clothing to help with #6, but because of #2, here I am writing, instead of running.

And just in case you were wondering about #1, here's the dinosaur that has been sitting on my counter for the last 5 days.  Brady checks it with eager anticipation each morning, and every hour during the day.  Thanks Auntie Michele!  I just love looking at this thing when I'm eating my oatmeal!

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Anonymous said...

maybe we need to have a pedi date...i am feeling the need too!!!