Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank You for the Son

We've been able to celebrate this Easter weekend with wonderful warm temperatures - above freezing!

Here are just a few that Don captured when the boys were outside playing.

And this is when you know it's time to go inside!

I made another batch of paska - take a peek at my buns...aren't they cute?!  (Never thought I'd say that!!)  This is right before they went into the oven.

Having these turn out has inspired me to do more bread/bun baking.  The paska recipe barely fit in my KitchenAid, and it was sounding kinda weak as it worked on the dough, so I'm thinking a bigger workhorse is going to be on my Christmas list this year.  

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kristin said...

Wasn't it great getting outside this weekend! I was so thankful! And those paska buns look delicious!! I thankfully got my fill this weekend and there were even a few that snuck into our van with us. Mmmm, which means paska for breakfast!