Monday, March 23, 2009

Who needs sand???.....and an update

With the milder temperatures we've been having lately, some of the snow has been disappearing, which finally gave us access to open our shed door.  Brady couldn't wait to get his hands on some of the toys he hadn't seen in a while!  He had fun building snow castles and driving his loader up the snow hills!

We've been doing pretty well since Nate's hospital stay.  Thankfully, he's been sleeping well at night....actually he's sleeping better than he ever has - the last few nights we've had 3 hour stretches of sleep!!!!  Not sure what caused that overnight switch....must be the all the prayers that have been sent up on his behalf in the last week!  Thank you to all our families and friends for upholding us all in prayer and for the encouragement you've been to us!

We're so thankful that Nate's fever did not return after coming home.  His breathing is much better than it was at the hospital, but we were told to expect some lingering symptoms, so I'm not overly alarmed.  He's about halfway through his antibiotics.  And tomorrow morning he gets the last (hopefully) of the monthly RSV antibody injections.  So, it's another morning spent at the hospital, but at least it's a scheduled visit!

Here's a cute 'morning hair' picture of our two boys taken about a week ago.  Why can't I look that cute with bed head???

Brady enjoyed watching a bit of curling, learning more about the game, however, I'm thinking that's not the ice that Don will want him playing on in a few years!!!

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kristin said...

I'm glad that Brady is enjoying the snow. My boys were trying to dig through it to find their sandbox. We're ready for spring! I'm also glad to hear Nate is doing better. It sure sucks when our little ones are sick.