Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Week...

If you've been watching CBC lately, you've probably seen ads for, or have watched a series that they are airing right now:

The Week The Women Went

I haven't watched any episodes, but the basic premise of this show is this:

Pick a town.  Invite all of the women to a vacation destination.  Leave the men and children at home.  Observe!

I'm sure there have been a lot of good laughs and probably some very eye opening experiences for those men.  Not to mention a new appreciation for some of the 'unseen' duties of a wife or mom.

Even though as a mom, this idea somewhat appeals to me - I can't imagine doing that for several more years.  (Although ask me at 3 in the morning, and my answer might be different!)

This week, my week has looked more like this:

The Week the Husband Stayed Home

Not good enough for a CBC series, but I've been loving it!  Just as good, if not better, than taking a holiday!  It's been great doing some projects around the house.  I'll have to show some pics when we're done!  

It's also been such a treat to have 2 parents at home.  Especially when Nate is needing one on one so much of the time.  He's so close to walking on his own, but right now needs those hands to hang on to!

So I've been planning a week of little treats for myself, too.  (Other than the redecorating and painting!)  Book Club tonight, hair cut tomorrow, breakfast with friends on Friday, and with other friends on Saturday.  Not to mention enjoying the talents of some of my nieces....GVC's presentation of The Mikado on Sunday, and the Skating Carnival coming up on Saturday.  Don's birthday is also this weekend, so there's sure to be some cake thrown in there, too!

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kristin said...

Sounds like a good week. Can't wait to see what you worked on!