Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quick Nate Update!

We just got back from Nate's appointment.  I was praying for 'good news'!  Here's the run down!

Nate did really great for his EKG and echo.  The tech who did the echo did not know Nate's background or history.  About 30 seconds into the echo he asked us - 'Do you know what's going on in here?  And would you care to tell me?'  We all got a little chuckle out of that, and it reminded me how uniquely special our Nate is.  You would never know just looking at him, the complexity of his heart condition.  Our tech took some extra time to show us Nate's heart on the screen, which was helpful to put into real images all of the different aspects we've come to talk about so easily.  He showed us in 'real time', the leaky tricuspid valve, and how so much of the blood that was being pumped was coming right back down into the ventricle.  He commented how there was a LOT of leakage.  My heart sank right there.  

After the echo, we had some time to sit and wait before seeing the cardiologist.   I told Don - prepare yourself to talk about surgery.  It was good to have the time to just try to wrap my head around the idea.

When we went in to see our Dr., she told us there was little change from last time.   And even though the leakage is still quite high, the good news is that he is not yet in heart failure.  For that reason, they are comfortable holding off on that surgery (tricuspid valve replacement) until he is a bit bigger or until he would begin to show signs of heart failure.

Nate also started his RSV injections - once a month for the next 6 or so months.  This is to help protect him against RSV.  Older children and adults may get RSV but not even know it, but for babies under the age of 2 who are "high risk" with either heart or lung issues, or are preemies, this virus is can be very serious and cause hospitalization.  They stressed how important it is to protect him from anyone who has cold or fever symptoms.  

The other good news it that it was a very quiet ride home.  Nate slept the whole way (rare!).  After 4 Timbits, Brady also fell asleep.  Huge thanks to Auntie Bonnie, Owen, Avery and Rylan for letting Brady play there all afternoon, and for the yummy lunch!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad your day went 'well'. I'm glad Nate isn't having heart failure. Any bit of good news is great and it's great to hear that through all of this that he's been a real trooper. Thanks for the many updates and for the cute picture of both Brady and Nate.

Stacey said...

I know that sinking feeling :( I also know the uncertainty of trying to decide what is riskier, surgery or no surgery. Praying for you :)

charlotte said...

carole, thankyou for comment on mgcc-schmoo trifle....another prarie girl...whoo hoo.
sounds like you have a little treasure that would benifit from prayer.......consider yourselves bathed in prayer, may he grow to be strong...with energy and vitality!

eva said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while now - I'll be praying for your little guy.