Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don brings home the latest addition to our family!!

One week ago, we met a fabulous couple from Edmonton.  How did we meet them?  If you can believe it, through Kijiji!!!  Here's the story....

Don and I have been searching for a jeep for months.  Until now, we've only had one vehicle.  With Don working in Morden, it meant no motorized means of transportation for me - which I've been totally fine with.  I have put lots of miles on my stroller and Chariot.  But this winter, it was becoming clear that I'd be needing my own vehicle - more appts with Nate, and just needing to get out of the house!!  And so the search began.

If anyone has ever shopped for Jeeps - you know they are hard to come by in these parts.  Alberta and Ontario, for obvious population base 
reasons, seem to have a lot more.  We've spent a lot of time checking into the ads on auto trader and other sites.  Most jeeps are sold within hours of being listed!  And seeing as how we can't just zip up to Edmonton or Calgary to look at one on any given evening, the probability of us getting what we wanted seemed to slim!

Last Monday, one popped up into our radar screen 
on Kijiji!  Don called (and wasn't the first)  and had a wonderful conversation with T, the original (and very loyal) jeep owner.  She wasn't going to sell her jeep to just anyone who offered her the cash!  (I'm totally understanding the protectiveness owners have over their jeeps - just ask my mom about her green "Tienne" baby!)
To make this story short - she picked us!  And what followed were a series of fun 'getting to know you' emails.

Don got back from Edmonton this afternoon - very proud of his new set of wheels.  I was so touched by the gift package T sent along with Don.  (We had talked about sending Don to do some shopping at West Ed Mall, before he'd come home, they just got a Bath & BodyWorks!)  Take peek at the pampering I'll get in the next little while!  Those peppermint candy looking things are actually peppermint bath fizzies!!   When's the last time you got a care package like that from the people who sold you a vehicle?  

What a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Hope you two won't have an argument every morning to see who gets it!!! I'll be praying for you tomorrow too. Have a great day!

Stacey said...

How sweet! I hope your new jeep will get you where you need to go :)

As for the sling I made, it's a hot dog shoulder. It's a bit wide, since I like the extra width for the body of the sling. I love it though :)