Saturday, November 22, 2008

Going to the Service

Just thought I'd share a memory from last week.

Kids have a way of making you laugh just when you need it.

We were getting ready to go to the family memorial service for my Grandma Schmidt.  Brady needed to change clothes and put on something more appropriate than his football jersey.  If you know Brady and his love of his much too small jersey (which he'd wear 24/7 if he could) you'll know this would be no easy task. 

Don and I told him "We're going to a service for Oma Schmidt".   He suddenly got really excited and started chatting away.  Straight to his bedroom, very excitedly, changing into proper attire.  He was talking non-stop.  Every once in a while I picked out "lady bug" and "at the service" and "airplane".  Don and I were both baffled by this sudden excitement and motivation to change clothes and get ready to go.  We were actually in the van, driving to the memori
al service when it hit me.

We're going to a circus.

Now it all made sense.  And it was time for some very quick damage control.  You see, the Harvest Festival, to Brady, is known as the circus.  And the ladybug and airplane - some of the rides he went on over and over.

I tried explaining to him that this was a church service for Grandma Schmidt.  Apparently that didn't help, as he starting talking about the circus (ie. fundraising lunch with an inflatable bouncy ride and other activities) that our church had a few months ago.

Okay, time to take service out of the equation!  We explained.  He then understood (mostly).  Enough said!

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