Thursday, August 19, 2010

This 'n that

The Harvest Festival was a bit cool and soggy this year, but we were still able to enjoy the parade, some rides, mini donuts and fireworks (the essentials, I suppose!).

This is the first year Nate joined in on the late night fun! The boys loved the fireworks!

There are a few projects going on in the house right now. The boys have always had their own room, but recently we put them together in one room (in an effort to improve night time issues....still working on that!). That freed up an extra room upstairs, so we are turning it into a play room. Here, the boys are working on a project to help contain lego! More pictures to come!

On a totally different note, I've been asked to share some of our experiences through Nate's journey at the Winkler Bible Camp's Women's Retreats, coming up on 2 identical weekends in September. For information, click here. I sure would appreciate your prayers as I 'go back' to that time with my thoughts and emotions, and prepare what I hope will be the right words to share with the ladies.

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