Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Times!

I got home just about 24 hours ago! What an amazing weekend! There aren't enough words to describe how incredible the time away was - all thanks to my dear friend for all the extra special memories....

Here is just a very small glimpse into some of the adventures we found ourselves on!

I haven't eaten such wonderful food in the most relaxed atmosphere in forever. We're talking about eating at our leisure.....with music playing in the background.....and cloth napkins. Enough said, I think!

A fun day at Granville Island in Vancouver - discovering the talent of so many artisans, and undoubtedly, some of the tastiest food!

This was definitely one of the coolest things. During the Olympics, I remember watching a feature story during the coverage. They told the story of this man who, amazingly, had a talent for balancing rocks. He did this down at the beach with rocks of all shapes and boulders! It was incredible to watch. So imagine my surprise when we happened to meet up with him along our walk by the water. Take a look - it doesn't seem possible!

Here he is teaching the basics with some small stones to an amazed boy! With great detail, explained the physics of it!

A day spent in Fort Langley was full of shops and treats! We enjoyed some incredible macaroons at this very cool Parisian cafe called Little White House - and yes, everything was black and white. Adorably cute!

Some tasting at the Fort Wine Company - red and white cranberry wines and some tasty dessert wines.

And a trip out to White Rock, right on the coast.

But it appears I wasn't the only one having fun! Don quite capably took care of the boys and did a lot of fun things with them - from mini golfing and the dinosaur museum to the world record breaking Harvest for Kids! Here are a few shots Don took during their 'boys time' together!

Okay - some explanation is needed on this one. Don thought it would be really funny to do some photo editing on this one, all on his own. As he played around, he started to like the muscle definition he was giving Brady. He took the liberty of emailing this to me while I was away. It did make me laugh (and groan at the same time!).


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Carole!!!!

kristin said...

That looks like so much fun. Glad to hear you had a good time, you deserved it!