Saturday, August 28, 2010

The boys...

I'm mostly laughing about the influence a person can have on a child's interests and activities. I guess Brady has been picking up on my never ending search of the perfect house plan. I thought the boys were coloring jeeps and hotwheels this morning, but when Brady came and showed me the house plan he was working on, I had to chuckle, of course only after telling him what an amazing house that was going to be!

When I came across these monstrous marshmallows, we just had to get a bag and try them out. They're ridiculously huge, but since it's one of Brady's favourite 'foods', I thought it would be fun!

It makes for quite a mouthful when you add the smores cookies!

And everything basically ends up squishing out!

And you kinda end up with 2 cookies and a trace of marshmallow left between the cookies!

And really, they're so huge, you really can't get them nice and toasted and gooey all the way through! They were more successful in the 'layer roasting' technique - just peel off the outer layer of toasty goodness, and then stick it back over the fire and roast it again!

Nate's been enjoying life too! Putting his feet up and taking it easy!

And being coy...

And eating corn!
Have yourself a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Ha...I love it! I saw those marshmallows too, but was not brave enough to handle the mess!!!