Saturday, July 3, 2010

Packin' up!

I'm pretty excited about heading out for some family holiday time! We haven't done a big camping trip with Nate, so this could be interesting! As we get things packed and loaded and I have to laugh at how 'camping' has becomes very evident when I start looking at what is getting packed. Sure, you have your staples: beach stuff, camera, bikes, strollers....and then it starts getting interesting!
  • iTouch for email
  • Garmin and iPod for running
  • projector, for the outdoor movie theatre experience
  • DVD's for inside/rainy day entertainment
  • cables and chargers for all of the above
  • walkie talkies for campsite to beach communication
Someone please assure me, that camping is still camping,
even if you're sleeping in a motorhome with A/C, all the plumbing amenities
to make life comfortable and a full kitchen to cook in!


Anonymous said...

Yes Carole, it is still camping. A great kind of camping. Enjoy!


Melanie said...

now that's MY kinda camping! :)