Saturday, July 10, 2010


We had a pretty fantastic week of holidays!! Mostly adventures, with only a few misadventures along the way (but we won't talk about my water skiing right now!).

There was also a diamond lost....and a diamond found - seriously!! A Blackberry drowned.....and was amazingly brought back to life within one day. A lot of scrumptious food, campfires, visits to town, a Mexican Fiesta birthday, pool/beach/boat fun, and you'll never believe who we ran into at the local Walmart!

We were beyond shocked and thrilled to meet my brother, sis and family from TO. They surprised us and had made arrangements to join us for the week of camping in MN!!

We stopped en route at Thief River Falls and spent the afternoon at the water park.

And we got to enjoy some 4th of July fireworks at Park Rapids, too!

The campground was beautiful, the lake nestled just down the hill from the campsite and pool.

Next to the pool, in the lodge was a very cool soda shop, where you could run up a tab during your stay!

Uncle Rich provided lots of fun - boating, tubing, skiing and docking at the lake's sandbar.

We set up a little (actually, rather large!) outdoor movie theatre. We laughed at RV one evening, and the kids enjoyed other movies during the week.

We went to the Logging Camp for breakfast one morning. We were transported over 100 years back, and enjoyed a pretty incredible breakfast!

Enjoying the shops, restaurants and boardwalks of Dorset.

A pretty amazing bike trail, this one is 27 miles long. It's an old train line that has been paved. Beautiful bike trip, which took us to the touristy area of Dorset.

Lots of pool time at the campground pool, too! Perfect weather all week!


Eva said...

your images are looking great. did you get a new camera? or maybe you have had it for a while and I'm just noticing :-)

Carole Hiebert said...

You're good, Eva!! I did just get a Nikon D300s a week before holidays! I'm missing some shots since I'm shooting manual, but the good shots make up for it!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! isn't RV the best movie to watch when you are camping....we were just thinking about renting it this weekend!!

Your pictures are great too...isn't it fun to experiment!


kristin said...

Looks like a great trip Carole. Where is that campground? It looks like a lot of fun, we're looking for someplace to camp later this summer, though ours will be a little less techy (ie. we will not be bringing laptops or projectors) :-)
PS Still waiting for our girls day out!

Carole Hiebert said...

Kristin - the campground is called Vagabond Village Campground, it's about 15 minutes from Park Rapids, MN. I'd go back in a heartbeat! (Yes - we need to do girls night SOON!!!)