Monday, July 19, 2010

How's Nate?

It's been awhile since I've done any updates on Nate and lots of you have been asking, so here's some quick info.

We've been home from Edmonton for 3 1/2 months. When I think back to the first 2 months, they are pretty much a blur...and rightly so. Those were some hard times. I'm so happy to say that the last month has been so much better.

His personality is much more to where he was before surgery. So thankful for that. He's still apprehensive in new situations and environments, but not nearly to the extent that he was. Even though he is still our night owl, going to bed after 10 or 11 each night, at least falling asleep is not preceded by an hour of extreme unhappiness (okay - screaming!) Either Don or I spend most of each night sleeping in his bed, and he still wakes frequently, for the most part, he's never awake for long periods of time. Another relief! He's back to his 2 heart medications: Enalapril and Lasix, and thanks to our wonderful pharmacy, he's back to enjoying his concentrated and flavoured meds! Oy, just thinking about that brings me back to a place that wasn't fun for any of us!

Other than our one trip to Children's in Winnipeg, health-wise, Nate has been doing well in our eyes! We haven't had another follow up with his cardiologist since his post-op check in April, but we are scheduled to see her in 2 weeks. Praying that the echo will surprise them all and we will hear awesome news, despite what the results were in Edmonton.

His language has shown marked development in the last month as well - so good to be hearing 2 words being put together. Brady was doing this easily at 1 1/2 years, but this is probably more so related to Second Child Syndrome ;) than anything else!

So, he's made great strides in the last few weeks. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers!

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Heather said...

thanks for the update Carole! I'm still praying for that miracle!!