Friday, March 22, 2013

So Blessed...

Today was a good day!! I just feel blessed by each of you, who pray for Nate and support us as a family!! I'm so thankful! Nate was in an unusually good and compliant mood today.

So with a good day behind us, and a quick soak in the hot tub on this beautiful winter-like spring night, I find myself praising God for his goodness and for the blessings of this day.

Here's a song that sums a lot up....."what ever may pass and whatever lies before me...let me be singing when the evening comes".


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verna said...

It is a pleasure to pray for each other. Glad you had a wonderful day. 10,000 Reasons...we all have them, some just have to look harder to find them. And our hearts can sing even in the hard have learnt that. You are setting an amazing example to others who know you ond who read your blog.