Sunday, March 3, 2013

Results Day?

We were notified this last week that Nate has an appointment with his cardiologist at HSC tomorrow.  I'm assuming that this means the team has met and discussed results, following our tests in Edmonton.
We're leaving tomorrow morning as soon is Brady is off to school, and praying that the foot of snow that they are predicting will not affect the roads.  We always give ourselves 2 hours to get to our appointments, and it's usually right around that time.  Hopefully the snow will not slow us down to get there for 10:30.

In other news, nothing has been close to boring in our per usual.

This time, it was an unfortunate accident involving Nate, and the ski of Brady's GT racer, at the bottom of a snow hill.  The result was Nate losing 4 lower teeth (teeth 71, 81, 82 and 83 for my dental friends :).  Thankful that he didn't have any further could have been much, much worse.  Everyone seems to be on the mend.  Although Nate can't bite into things, he has been eating pretty well, (something that was an immediate concern for me).  Brady has also recovered from the fear, guilt and sadness.  He felt incredibly guilty and was scared seeing all of the blood (it was bad).  Don had to calm him down on the drive, even more than Nate.  He kept saying 'he's losing a lot of blood' and even asked if Nate was going to die.  I was conveniently at work, just down the hall from my friends at the dental office, so I rerouted Don from going to the ER, and just told him to come straight to the office.  Nate was very brave through it, although it did get a little loud in the room (sorry to the people in the waiting room :).
At one point, between sniffles, Nate even asked:  "Am....I....sniff," Oh, the poor guy!!

And in totally unrelated news, we're getting our house put back together again.  Glad to have carpet downstairs, and furniture to actually sit on down there and up in the living room.  Will post pics once I take a moment to take some!

Finally something soft to walk on! 

Just need to put the pieces together!

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for your care and love in the last week and for the prayers as we head into our appointment tomorrow.  Praying with expectation!!

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