Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here We Go!

Tomorrow is the day! Nate has a morning appointment with his cardiologist. We're being open and honest with Nate - talking to him about the upcoming appointment. But, today already, he is saying "No". Even while Don was saying bedtime prayers and praying for the appointment tomorrow, Nate was shaking his head and saying 'no'. So....needless to say, we need your prayers!

This time I'm arming myself with a few extra tricks up my sleeve. For one, I'm bringing Don along with me! Second, we're going have Brady join us on this one, too. It's worked at other appointments - having Brady there, showing Nate how easy it is. Third, a trip to Walmart this evening provided some cool toys, to be brought out at strategic times during the appointment!

So, thanks for praying the God would do immeasurably more than we can even imagine!


Brenna said...

Hi Carole! I will be thinking of you guys and praying for you tomorrow. I hope all goes well and that Nate is cooperative and allows your cardiologist to examine him thoroughly. Good luck to you all!

Dinah Elias said...

Praying for your whole family today!


Rachelle said...

I am praying too!

Kristy said...

You go and you buy whatever you think would work at Wal mart. That Brady is quite a boy, such a good helper to his little brother. And from past posts it seems like he is more than willing to get his brother through whatever he needs to. All the best today!