Monday, June 13, 2011

Brag Book

Can I just take a moment, as a proud auntie, to do a little bit of bragging? See, I have this uber talented, uber beautiful niece that I just have to tell you about!

We celebrated my mom's birthday this weekend, and she made a cake for her grandma that took our breath away!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! She does these cakes - we're not talking just the basics here - we're talking SLR cameras (seriously!!) and Purses (incredible!!) just to name a few!
And if this talent wasn't enough, she is Miss Volleyball Extraordinaire, (Hello Team Manitoba!) has the most caring and loving personality which she uses to dote on her younger cousins! And she can pull a violin out of her back pocket and play a sonata (if she chooses!)

We love you!!

Now, hopefully she will stop blushing!!


Carmelle said...

Wow! That cake looks amazing - she did a fantastic job! I love to hear you 'love' on your niece, its sooo special!

Karen said...

Wow, I guess the talent really does run in your family!

Eva said...

It's beautiful! I also love the lights on the tree and hanging from the tree... very lovely!