Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And We're Back

Things I've learned:

1. Husbands are handy. It's like the phrase 'all hands on deck'. Some things are easier when you're not the only one dealing with a given situation. I'll invite him again next time!

2.. Five year olds have a lot of questions when they see their little brother's heart pumping on a computer screen. Add in some color on the screen for blood flow, and you've a lot of questions. Good experience for him, though!

3. A Lightning McQueen toy that talks and has real lights does a lot to redirect attention! Next time, be sure to check for those crazy wires attaching it to the packaging. Especially when you bring it out for a very strategic time (ie. screaming along with refusal when echo is supposed to begin) when time is of the essence and intervention is needed STAT!

4. Knowing so many of my friends and family truly care so much is enough to make me get totally emotional, but also feel so covered in prayers, while reading email notes from so many during the drive to Winnipeg.

The Lowdown:

No change with the gradient. The band still is not doing it's job.
Monitoring weight carefully, some irregularities from last weigh in to today. Drops in weight carry more significance with heart babies.
Liver size is good. No signs of heart failure. Both ventricles still pumping effectively.

To summarize, Dr. Soni feels that we are heading down a path that will bring us to Toronto for another PA Banding in the near future.

My heart's summary - Though tears may fall and my heart will long: We will not stop Believing. We will not stop Hoping. We will not stop Praying. I rest each night in the comfort of knowing that our God, the God of love and mercy is with us. So then, I can "come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16

Isn't that great?!? We can come BOLDY before our God. Don't ever give Him any limits.....He is able to go above and beyond what we can only imagine (Eph 3:20). He can answer our prayers - or he can take that prayer and go way beyond that!


Melanie said...

Oh Carole, I feel totally selfish and stupid that I didn't consider all this when I asked you to volunteer for today. I am so sorry for not asking how today went for you.

And you are so right, God is not a God of limits and THAT is amazing and wonderful and humbling. Praying with you!

Carmelle said...

Oh I cannot tell you how happy I am for this post! I have been thinking about you non stop all day! And when I was praying I kept thinking exactly of these verses "more than we can ask or imagine..." Thanks for the update & the encouragement of the scripture you shared, too. Huge blessings to you!

Karen said...

Carole, I'm glad that you had some help. When there are two with a common goal it does feel much better. I am encouraged by your verses. More that we can imagine....well I guess that is right.

Eva said...

I don't comment often but I always read your posts. I'm glad everything is ok for now and will continue to pray for him.. bless you for keeping the faith.

Heather said...

Oh, He can do SO MUCH more than we can imagine!!
Thanks for the update.
Love & prayers.

Rachelle said...

Amen Carole! May God continue to be your hope and strong tower. I will keep praying for health and healing for Nate. He is so precious and you are a great mom and example to me.

Anonymous said...

Your right Carole, we will NOT stop believing, hoping and praying for your special guy. You are all in our prayers everyday and know God will carry you on the days it seems like too much.

Rachel said...

We just read the story this evening about how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. The final line really caught my attention: "Jesus has power over everything, even death!" I was struck by the simplicity of the statement and the awesome truth of it. God really doesn't mind when we come to Him with praise, prayers and requests repeatedly! You better believe we take those words seriously! Jesus has power over broken feet, cataracts and hearts. We believe He will heal all!

Nate, you're always in our prayers and we love you so much!! Thanks for the update.

Brenna said...

Hi Carole,
I've been thinking of you guys these last few days. Looks like we're in the same boat, huh? Our little boys are such fighters. I can't help but think that Nicholas has this great life he was destined to live, and that these heart trials will prepare him for greatness. The same goes for could they go through all this and not be anything BUT great?
Stay strong, my friend. I read your posts, and I feel the strength you provide your family. Good luck and God Bless you all.

Verna said...

Amen, healing is my prayer for our little Quinton as well as your boy.
thank you for sharing your heart thoughts!