Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Question!

Well, thanks to the two smarties for giving it a go, and guessing at the question! In my best interest in keeping my 'Flyer's Most Devoted Fan Since He Was A Child' husband happy, I won't get into Nikki's first answer! And Blackie's answer may very likely be absolutely true.... that's why in our house, he has his own bathroom!! But, it's not quite where I was going with this!

So, hats off to Miss Nikki for her second, more dignified answer! She is absolutely right! I won't ask how she figured that out....or if Google was used in her calculations. Congratulations, Nikki - your prize is a 30 foot flag pole, erected centrally on your front lawn, complete with a Flyer's flag, proudly flying at the top!

So, yes, 0.548% is the equivalent of 2 out of 365. And it's relativity is Nate and his sleep.

In the last year, he has slept through the night 0.548% of the time.

That is:



If you want to turn the tables, you can look at it this way: Out of the 365 nights of the last year, Don and I have both stayed in our own bed, for the whole night, on 0.548% of them.

That is:



You see, the longer we let Nate cry (and we have a very hard time letting him cry for a great deal of time) the more worked up (ie MAD....have you been privileged enough to see his scowl?) he gets, and the longer it takes for him to finally settle. I think we're talking P.T.S.D. That would be Post Traumatic Surgery Disorder.

So, on most nights, Don and I find it 100% more 'restful' to just go lie down with Nate and try to settle him that way. And, it's just my heart that says: if I can even do one thing to bring a little bit of comfort to my Nate, I'm going to do it.

So for now, that's just the way nights are around here. But I will stick to my manta:

This too, shall pass.

We just pray, a little sooner - rather than later!


Tam said...

Oh I understand!! Cole had stomach problems the first 2 years of his life. One dr. told me to let him cry it out. But his pain was so obvioius. I couldn't do that to him. I wanted to do anything I could do help him. So I slept with him. And looking back I wouldn't change a thing. It was more restful for both of us! And even though most people think it's backwards. At some point you just have to do whatever is best to get some sleep. So everyone in the family is happier! It does pass, eventually. Even though when you're in it. It feels like it never will. Praying for you!!

Kristy said...

Well Carole, you and Don are amazing parents to Nate! I think if that is what you have to do right now then that is what you have to do right now. And for him it is a health thing, for him to get so worked up could hurt him. Am I right? You keep going on with what you have to do so that all of you get your sleep! Yes and this too shall pass. We all have our "things" we have to deal with that we don't necessarily enjoy!

Nikki said...

Carole, Thank-you for my wonderful prize. I expect immediate delivery!!!! (For the record, google was no help at all - believe me - I tried!) I'm very sorry for what it means for you, though! Praying for grace for the 2 of you! Brady and Nate are very blessed to have such amazing parents!!!!!!!