Monday, April 18, 2011


There's a mathematical equation answer for you. Can you guess what the question is?

Let's play a game! Leave your answer as a comment!

And don't worry - it's no where near as complex as Dr. Sheldon Cooper's scientific theories of quantum mechanics!!! (Love that guy!).


Nikki said...

What is the Flyer's chances of winning the Cup?

Carole Hiebert said...

Oh Nikki - them's fighting words!!!!! But you did make us laugh out loud!

Nikki said...

Fine then. What percentage of 1 year is 2 days?

Blackie said...

Hi Carole!
Hmmm.....perhaps it is the percentage of males who have cleaned a toilet in their lifetime? (Nah....I'm not harbouring a grudge....)