Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleep....(in my dreams)

A few days ago, I was going to do a little update about how Nate was doing, the most notable thing being the hard time sleeping at night since being home from Edmonton. Then, Friday night, turned into a pretty horrible night. I might have slept...but I can't be sure. Nate was up and restless through out the whole night. A runny nose and fever began the next morning, and Saturday night was even worse (and I really didn't think it could get worse!). Sunday and Monday, still feverish, a nose that is completely plugged, sleep at night ranges from 5-20 minutes at a time, still only eating a few bites of food each day. Ugh! The last 2 nights have been getting better, thank God (although yesterday took 2 van rides and a lot of crying and unhappiness from 8pm, when we first tried getting him to sleep, to 11:30pm, when he finally fell asleep); still not eating well and overall pretty irritable! This sure makes his regular nights look amazingly restful!

Pre-surgery, I'll admit Nate wasn't a great sleeper, but he was getting better. A marked difference since coming home from Edmonton: either Don or I spend most of each night with him (good thing he graduated to a queen sized bed!); Falling asleep isn't easy, and now instead of a few sips of water once or twice through out the night, he's going through 2 or 3 sippy cups of milk (a habit that was formed in Edmonton, I'm sure, when we were trying desperately to get calories in him at any time).

So, not a very happy place to be for now! I'm sure many can relate to sleepless nights and being pushed to the limits of your own endurance! So thankful for a sunny day today, and hopefully some time spent outside.

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kristin said...

Oh Carole, I;m so sorry to hear that Nate (and You and Don) are not sleeping. That runs you down so quickly! As a mom of kids who also don't appreciate sleep I can empathize, and I'll be praying for you tonight! Sweet Dreams!