Sunday, May 2, 2010


Our little Nate turned TWO on the weekend!! I guess he's not so little anymore, but he'll always be my 'baby'!

When we left Edmonton, I was already thinking ahead to Nate's upcoming birthday. I didn't have any specifics in mind, other than there was going to be one HUGE party....and absolutely everyone was going to be invited!

Then, after being home only a week, we had the whole pneumonia thing come up, and I realistically told myself that it really wasn't the smartest idea at all. So, I was fine with just our little family having a nice little birthday party together.....until my sisters got involved. They would have none of this 'low-key' birthday celebration! (It reminded me of the Christmas Eve that Nate got bronchiolitis - and the two of them personally came to my house to bring Nate and I to Mom and Dad's!) They planned a fabulous day in Winnipeg at Brady's favorite cousin's house! After watching my amazing niece rock the volleyball court, we headed back to the H home to get the party started!

The kids enjoyed 'their' pizza party first....

And then the adults moved on to a Chinese take on a birthday supper!

Nate did his best to blow out his candles (through his nose....when do they catch on to that blowing thing!?!).

Nate and his big cousin had to check out the ducks, who were hanging out on the neighbor's lawn.

It was a super great day! We sure missed the Schmidt's from TO....can't wait to party with you all too!

Thanks Bonnie and Michele. You guys rock. I love you both so much!!!


Bonnie said...

Carole, you ARE a rock! Its amazing to see the strength you and Don have. Love you both!
I was so happy to be able to celebrate with you and your boys yesterday. (Noticed, however, the absence of the majority of your pictures - Nate's nose is unplugged in every one you posted!)
Happy Birthday Nate - we look forward to seeing what God will do for you this year

Wes and Dinah said...

Looks like you had a wonderful celebration!

Happy Birthday Nate!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday litte guy!

The joy, the love, the food, the company...... you guys know how to celebrate!

Marilyn Hart

Anonymous said...

Grab and hold onto every memory and miracle and even the low times. They will be your treasure forever in your heart. The mountain never looks so beautiful as when the valley has been crawled thru first. Lil Nate and you have been on my heart all day this Mothers Day. I have cried non stop tears remembering my own journey thru the valley with our baby and now I walk with you in my prayers. I see how God is carrying you with His strength on wings of an eagle..