Friday, January 22, 2010


That's what I'm going these days, a little online researching - and this time the words 'heart', 'c-tga' and 'surgery' aren't in my search box!

Now, I finally feel like we can start making some plans for our little getaway. I just love checking things out online and finding places to stay and things to do. I was starting to think we wouldn't find the kind of hotel that I was looking for....and just this afternoon, I happened to find this: The Depot Minneapolis!

Who could resist a pool with a train in the middle of it....or skating rink!

It is a little ways away from the shopping mecca (and Nickelodeon Universe!!) that we'd like to spend some time at, so we might divide our stay at more than one place!

Anyone have any of their own recommendations? I'd love to hear of places to visit, activities for the boys, places to eat. And any other hotel suggestions (would love a pool area that also has a kiddy pool!).

Thanks in advance!!

This kind of research is fun!!


Tam said...

We love Minneapolis. We usually go to It's perfect for young kids. Plus it also has a free zoo which includes a seal show. We've also stayed here.
The play structure is amazing!! The only downside is there is no kiddie pool.They use to have a skating rink in here too but I think they took it out. And if you go during the week. They provide breakfast and Supper.

Anonymous said...

We've stayed at The Depot before! I immediately recognized your picture. Did you have fun staying there? We have never made it back there but it was quite enjoyable for the kids.