Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year's have come and gone....but they were good!! Lots of great time together with family and friends.

Christmas Day was our own little family's special time. After reading the Christmas story, we shared some gifts with the boys. That was followed with our tradition of waffles and sauce for brunch and a nice lazy day.

The 26th wasn't so lazy! A crazy snowstorm made travel a bit treacherous, but I still managed to drive across town to a family gathering, thanks to some friendly guys out on the street with snow blowers and shovels, who got me out of a mess!

Now here's something you'll only see on the prairies.

For some reason, our neighbors thought a cleared front lawn would be a benefit to them.

Just to put it in perspective, those large doors are at a local motorhome they are very high doors. Gotta love the drifts!

Don emailed me this picture that he took when he got to work on the 26th.

Our gingerbread house that was slowly drooping....

And how good life is, when you can fall asleep watching your favorite movie, and hanging on to Filmore and Lightning!

Apparently our boys would rather cuddle with hard metal objects! No blankies or stuffed animals for them!

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kathy said...

Love the pics and seeing the boys in familiar clothes....they grow so quick. I'm glad your taking the time to enjoy your boys as am I.
Wishing the very very best in 2010!