Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching Up

Apparently I've been somewhat absent from these parts lately! Like a lot of people, life these days is pretty much consuming.

We've had a few appointments for Nate, including some unexpected trips to Urgent Care and the ER, after a mysterious leg injury. He seems to be doing better day by day, which is nice after 4 days of not being able to put any weight down on his left leg.

Still no word on a surgery date for him. Patiently awaiting more information! And since we haven't heard anything at this point, it's looking a bit more promising that we may be able to go on our little mini holiday to Minneapolis in 3 weeks. That makes the Flyer's fans in this house a little excited!

Growing up, our family had a New Year's tradition. Every year, Dad would get out our "Resolution" folder and we'd all sit down together as a family. We'd go over our resolutions from the previous year, sometimes with satisfaction, other times with a laugh, and we'd think about the year to come and each of us would give our goals for the year. They could be anything, from completing a piano exam, going on a particular family holiday, a school or work goal - anything.

So, here's one of my resolutions for this year. How about you? Share one of your resolutions....leave a comment....I'd love to hear from you!


Rachelle said...

I wasn't going to do resolutions this year. However, lately I have been wanting a goal for this year. I think it might be to live more simply. Or even just to live in celebration of the life I have with my family. Something like that. I am still working out the details!

Anonymous said...