Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You know it's Christmas...

I've been waiting very (im)patiently for my Christmas indulgence to arrive in the grocery store....and finally it did.  I'm totally a candy junkie - and around Christmas time these jelly slices and the squares are always in abundance at Mom and Dad's.  I think me and my brother devour the majority of them.  I think I'll play a mean trick on Kerry and just mail him one slice.  They don't get these treats in bulk in their area.  But before you go and feel all sorry for him, let me assure you that when Mom and Dad go to Toronto at the end of December, they'll be bringing him a box, I'm sure!

Another sure sign of Christmas is the annual school Christmas concerts.  I just got back from one this evening.  Loved it!!  Adria totally rocked.  And I hear Katelyn was a star herself on bass the night before, but I had to miss that one.  

Brady turned 3 yesterday!  What a fun day - it's great to spoil them on their special day!  He was so excited he insisted on setting the table all by himself!

And here's my other BIG boy!  Is he not the cutest?  Yes, that's his mother's strong opinion!

Speaking of cute....what do you think of this lovely couple.  Quickly take a peek before I get a call from Mom telling me to take if off!!  We took some great pictures right after the snowfall this morning!


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kristin said...

Happy Birthday Braday!! And lovely pictures Carole. Yes your Nate is adorable, I just want to pinch those cheeks of his! Seeing your touque picture makes me wish we would have taken a shot of all our kiddies in their red touques on Saturday.