Monday, December 1, 2008

On the First Day of Christmas...

I'm so excited for this season of Advent.  It's neat to see how much more involved and aware Brady is of the real meaning of Christmas. 

He was very excited to open door #1 on the Advent Calendar.

After eating the chocolate treat inside, Brady "read" the note inside.  It said that today he should go outside to make a snow angel.

Nate had his own way of relating to the Christmas story (ie. chewing on the Nativity scene).


charlotte said...

some how the Lord led me to your blog this morning...actually in a unusual way that can only be explained as the Holy spirits once left a comment on our mgcc blog on one of my posts and now i found you once more after i was praying for something very specific....and want to leave the words of Isaiah in chapter 41:27-31....may it fill your advent season as a family, with the assurance that God is in control of your you big brady and lil nates life.....colds or no colds God never grows tired and weary...God is an everlasting God...peace be with you....better yet SHALOM! if you choose to leave a comment, leave it on my personal blog of "here I stand"...since the mennonite girls one is a shared one!

Mom said...

Precious Trio...what a blessing to see how God is working out His Miracle. Mom