Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the Second day of Christmas...

First I have to show you my Christmas present.  He's all wrapped up and under the tree...so peaceful.

Nate and Don were on the floor, just cuddling and Nate gave in to sleep.  How precious to see my little babe under the tree!

Today's Advent activity was to decorate and color a Christmas tree!

Getting ready for a fun baking exchange with friends tomorrow.   I made raisin butter tarts and cranberry tarts.  I only did two 'quality control' samplings!  

I won't show you a picture of what the rest of my kitchen looks like!!!

Good night!
Sleep tight!


Bonnie said...

How did the cranberry tarts work out?? They look yum!
BTW, I think we should swap advent calendar activities for next year! Yours sound like lots of fun!

charlotte said...

those pictures are just too adorable, of those little treasures that you have!