Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting Crafty...

This last month, I've put way more miles on my sewing machine than the pavement.  I have to say it's been so much fun, and really quite inspiring.  One idea leads to the next and thanks to some very cool online sewing and craft forums, the ideas I've found seem to be endless.  In particular, I've been falling in love with all things Amy Butler.  You need to check out that website (if you're of the sewing mind!) and get inspired.  Her fabrics and patterns are amazing.  So here are a couple of things I've had on the go...

This was a gift for my very fashionable niece...I've since heard
she is actually using it!  That's the best compliment!!

This bracelet is an Amy Butler pattern.   I thought this would be fun for my
nieces to make during our Schmidt camping weekend.
Instead of bracelets, they made necklaces.

Here is the beautiful Katelyn with her finished wearable art!

I had some fabric leftover from the purse I made my niece, so
I made a diaper bag/purse for myself, complete with very cool interior
pockets and compartments.  Today, Don was looking for something in the 
bag, but couldn't find it and said he didn't like all those little pockets and
that he could never find anything in there.   Hmmmm, I guess that is the
green light to go ahead and design and sew an new one!!  Yea!!!  

Another place I've been spending alot of time is at
The Babywearer website.  I'm totally amazed and a bit flabbergasted 
at the number of slings/carriers/pouches etc. that are out there.  The
 mamas are all very proud of their stash, however, and rightly so.  There's
 no better way to spend money, than on something that you'll use to keep
your baby close.  I have to say that some of their budgets blew me away, 
spending several hundred dollars on a single carrier - and having
 multiples of them!  One mama said if she sold all of hers, she'd
 have enough money to buy a nice car!  Anyway, there is a forum on that
 website that is just for Do-it-yourself'ers like me.  I've made one
 pouch (above) and one ring sling, and can't wait to make more!

A few other things on my sewing room table... I've got some nice brown microfibre waiting to be made into new panels for my living room window, and Nate's been sporting some new camo bibs!  Well, that's it for now.  I really need to start putting on miles on the pavement.  I'm not going to be ready for Winkler's half marathon this year...maybe I'll do the 5K, and work on the half for next year!

By the way, Nate blessed us with his first laugh today.  You can hear it here.

A note to RPF:  Sorry this post is not witty or entertaining!!!

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kristin said...

Way to go Carole! Your projects look great. It makes me want to get out my sewing machine. I'm currently looking for some fabric to recover a chair in the nursery. I also love Amy Butler, but I've been working with her paper not fabric. Where have you found her fabric? I'm gonna send you a link to another crafty friend of mine who has a little sewing blog, she's been making a lot of baby slings and diaper bags.